Our voice synthesis will leave you (perfectly) speechless

CreaWave's ultra-natural vocal interfaces perfectly imitate the human voice

CreaWave, part of Acapela Group

Real-time demo
The weather, by George

Listen to your localized weather forecast, 100% generated by FlexiWave® (text + voice) from real-time weather data(1) !

To listen to the automated forecast, simply select your city and press the "Synthesize" button.




(1) Weather data is provided by Open Weather Map, then text and voice are automatically generated by CreaWave.

Didier CADIC / Technical director

Didier Cadic spent 8 years working as a research engineer on speech synthesis in Orange Labs. Didier has an in-depth knowledge of artistic and technical sound-engineering and creation, as well as a well-developed network in his field. He graduated with a master’s degree from French universities Ecole Polytechnique (2000) and Télécom Paris (2005) and also has a Ph.D in signal processing.

Rémy CADIC / Projects director

Remy Cadic spent 12 years as business & project manager in 3 international companies: Alcatel-Lucent, Sagem Communications and Areva T&D/Schneider working in various locations including USA, Asia and Europe. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from French university Grenoble - Institut National Polytechnique (2001).

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For more information, feel free to contact Remy Cadic on +33 6 32 81 51 73.